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Leadership Agility

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During Times of Uncertainty

07/01 - 07/29

Learn 8 disciplines that can strengthen your team during uncertainty.



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06/24 - 08/19

Prepare yourself, your team, and your organization with a messaging and change strategy for crisis.



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Become a

Change Champion

08/26 - 11/05

Master the techniques you need to advocate and lead change through teams or organizations through strategic plays and decisions.



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Experiential Book Club

Conceptual book clubs use conversation to create learning but never help you implement your learnings in your life. When practice is not included as a part of learning people (might) become well-read but they do not become wiser. 

Experiential book clubs combine abstract thinking with practical exercises.

The goal of the book club is not to create fluency. Instead, it is to make abstract concepts more concrete. In the book club, people get to play with the concepts in a different way than just reading. Exploring tools, facilitated exposure, concrete exercises create a unique opportunity to learn tips and techniques from world-renowned books. Learn more to see what book we are exploring now, and what's on the list!