Become a Change Champion Series

Dates: August 26 - November 5



  • identify crucial factors in effecting lasting changes for both individuals and organizations
  • draw on current research and lively anecdotes to illustrate that people will embrace significant changes given the right circumstances
  • create a strategic plan for creating  change


These outcomes will be achieved through stakeholder mapping, creating and evaluting "plays" that can be run, identifying phases of change, establishing the network, and more. We will use Harvard Business Publishing for a simulation to begin engaging with change. This simulation will allow each individual to test their ability at being a change champion. Throughout each session, the group will evaluate different steps achieved in the simulation and understand how to apply effective strategies to their own situation.


Each session will be approximately 2 hours in length. Meeting time is TBD based on participants availability. 


This course will not require any addition (outside the meeting time) reading, research, or other work. There will be available material if interested. The price of this course includes:

  • All 6 meeting sessions
  • Free digital copy of the book Switch by Dan and Chip Heath.
  • Harvard Business Publishing Simulation on Change Management
  • Digital packet with exercises for reflection
  • Case studies and additional resources


Become a Change Champion Series