Individual and organizational success is determined in and by moments of uncertainty. People and businesses who are dynamic, creative, and good at problem-solving thrive in these moments. We believe the ability to anticipate and process through uncertainty is powered by entrepreneurial, purposeful, innovative, and critical thinking. EPIC Thinking elevates the performance of each team member by empowering purposeful reflection and strategic application of ideas.

EPIC Thinking is powered by William Jewell College because Jewell produces the best critical thinkers in Kansas City. Jewell educates its community to ask reflective questions, apply critical thought, and act with purpose — three pillars unique to William Jewell College. EPIC Thinking desires to connect the greater business community to those pillars through accessible, customized interactions that close the problem-solving gap and ignite success.


Our goal is to build your thinking skills in a variety of areas to be the best leader, manager, employee, and team member you can be. To be clear, we’re not sending you back to school. We’ve adapted content that’s been tested, practiced, and honed for 170 years. We'll deliver it through interactive workshops intended that drive results for you and the organization you serve.

Want to learn more about what 170 years of critical thinking looks like?

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