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Elevate performance through purposeful reflection and strategic application of ideas.


Organizations have become so focused on brainstorming and testing new ideas that most have forgotten about the essential part of creating lasting change – execution. 

EPIC provides custom training and services to fit your individual and organizational needs. Our programs, which have designated tracks for all skillsets, age groups, experience levels, and education, are designed for deep impact and creating lasting change. 


We want to be your partners on the front line; by your side from ideation to execution.


Whether you are looking for moonshot solutions or simple innovation, we can help. Through a human-focused strategy, we will walk you and your team through exercises to find solutions to problems ahead. Unlike other services, we don’t identify and solve problems for you. We teach you how to see problems before they exist and solve them on your own with an EPIC mind.



Helping understand the power of your skills and push you to the top of your game.


Workshops +


Re-energize your team with interactive sessions that increase creativity and problem solving.




Our curated group of specialists provides a deep pool of expertise in strategy, marketing, operations, and HR.


Still don't see what you are looking for? Send us an email to inquire about a custom-made program that will fit your budget needs. 


"All small- to medium-sized companies should talk to EPIC. It is like hiring a consultant, but one who will actually help you implement lasting change."